Graham On Video

We are fortunate that some of Graham’s very best is available on video.

Graham Kennedy – The Wilsons

Graham Kennedy & Bert Newton

Graham & Bert doing their Folk Singing Skit


Graham Kennedy King Of Comedy-Channel 9 (Full) (1996)

In Melbourne Tonight (Graham Kennedy) segment

A humourous segment from Graham Kennedy’s In Melbourne Tonight programme from 1964.

Just let him eat his Kool Mint, ok?!

Graham Kennedy R.I.P.

This video is simply for telvision nostalgia purposes. If anybody has a problem with it being up, message me.

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LATER.. no longer IMT

The Graham Kennedy Show

April 16 1975

Here we have, unedited for the first time, the remarks which caused Graham Kennedy’s departure from Nine in April 1975. This is the version that DIDN’T make it to air.

Pre-recorded after his “crow call”, these remarks about Minister For The Media Douglas McClelland were edited out before the program was broadcast; with Kennedy reportedly resigning in anger as a result.

However, Kennedy makes several side remarks which indicate that perhaps he knew exactly what would happen – check out his commentary during the first commercial break, his suggestion that Daryl Somers take his place “should I be on my way”, his comments to Bert during the Wheel segment, and his ad-lib in the closing song – “For all we know, we may never meet again (I hope we do!)”…


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